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What actually is an online Consultant and why should I get one?

lightraylaptopAn Online Consultant is a person who is very knowledgeable about online marketing which is very a unique form of marketing. It requires keeping up with the many changes that happen quite frequently in this new medium, and a good Consultant has to be aware of how these changes may affect the results of your marketing efforts and take advantage of them instead of being damaged by them.

Even if as a local business owner you had a very sound understanding of Internet Marketing (the vast majority don’t have sufficient knowledge nor the time it requires to learn new skills in a quickly evolving medium), then you’d still be required to spend a tremendous amount of time and effort to coordinate and apply all the various facets of your online marketing plan. A great Online Marketing Consultant has the skill and understanding, as well as the focus and dedication it takes to create and implement an effective strategy for a specific business. This prevents you from being distracted and allows you to concentrate on what is most important for you to do, that is on running your business and servicing the customers and clientele that are its lifeblood, instead of driving yourself crazy trying to figure out how to effectively use the Internet to grow your business.

Are you able to clarify in easy to understand language why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so important and how it relates to my brick and mortar business?

dreamstimeextrasmall_11939934Sure,… frankly many local business owners are constantly being bombarded with all kinds of SEO “experts” that declare the sky will fall in on their business if they don’t purchase SEO services from them.
SEO by itself is NOT a solution to generating more revenue or to keeping your business competitive in this modern environment, but it is one important piece of the puzzle. Actually, Search Engine Optimization is both simple in terms of understanding what the goals are but very complicated in understanding the strategies and procedures required to reach those goals. We take a step by step approach by first discovering just what main keyword phrases are being searched for in Google (along with other search engines) from the potential buying customers of any specific local business.

Then, with that precise information, we make sure that the pages on our client’s web sites are “optimized” to entice and attract the search engines to rank them high in their search results for those search phrases. By doing so, you put your business in front of those searching for whatever it is you offer, and if you have done your job properly by designing a “direct response” website, a good number of them will purchase from you. That is the origin of the  acronym SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

We usually can best demonstrate this to our potential clients by way of a free, no obligation fifteen minute consultation so we can actually show them proof of how many potential customers are searching for their particular products or services and exactly where those potential customers are going instead of to their business.  After that, it’s just a matter of creating a strategy for our clients to get those potential customers instead of continuing to let their competitors get those customers. Call us today and we’ll help you to get those new customers.

I’ve been offered a free web site and online listing by The “Yellow Book”,.. why should I want something more than that?

dreamstimeextrasmall_6879652Sadly there is still a great deal of misconception in the minds of local business owners in that many think that all consumer searches begin and end with the YP phone book or website, or they at least think it’s a major function. I’d like to be very frank and set the record straight by labeling this kind of belief as being out of date and certainly not reflective of the facts in this modern era.

That is not to say that having a “Yellow Pages” listing online is a bad choice, but it would certainly be just a very small fraction of any online presence needed to get meaningful results. These kinds of results can only be measured in actual terms by means of quantifiable new business leads and product or service sales from online marketing activity. Obtaining a “free” web site really gives you nothing, or pretty close to that (and you will find numerous possibilities to get a totally free web site around the Internet,.. just “Google” that expression “get a free website” and you won’t be able to count the number of those offers being promoted). Just remember, “free” means nothing if it produces no new customers or additional revenues.

It is what you do together with your web site,.. and moreover having the right design and “direct marketing” features of your web site, that counts. Conversely, you could invest $5,000 or even more on your website that looked great and did not bring you any new streams of business, but you could spend just a few hundred bucks to make something very functional and efficient that can deliver you loads of customers, assuming that you implemented the correct online marketing techniques and strategies. This could make or break any local business that goes online to battle with its competitors who are also taking advantage of online marketing. The important things here are expertise and knowledge and that is exactly where a great online Consultant is worth his or her weight in gold! Call us today, we can help you.

I get a ton of spammy emails from numerous online “businesses” that I dispatch straight to my trash folder. How can I take advantage of online marketing without looking like a spammer?

bigstock_Hand_with_blank_card_and_noteb_12201941_resizeWhenever you place your online marketing into the hands of a competent and experienced professional, then you will never have to worry about becoming identified as a spammer, or even being remotely thought of in that manner. We create customer acquisition and customer nurturing campaigns for our clients that are centered around getting potential customers to call your business or capturing registered “op-tins” (which are verifiable registrations expressing interest in receiving emails for our business client) by attracting the individuals to “opt- in” to your emailing list via a process that began with them searching for the very product or service you are providing.

In this way you’re getting both immediate customers as well as growing a list of new prospective customers, and actual customers,who are keenly receptive towards the offers you can make to them. The rest is simply a matter of conversion,  getting a sufficient number of people on your “list” to purchase from you for the first time, or again, if they are already a customer. But obviously getting the right offer to entice them to take action is important, and that is something we are able to assist you with also. In addition, everything in this process can be measured to ensure that in time you learn exactly what works the best for you inside your specific market.

In real terms, how much would I need to consider spending on an Internet marketing campaign in order to get the type of results that would make my company the most competitive and effective?

BreakthroughIt really depends upon the type of company you have as well as what level of competition you have in your local marketplace. What you might presently be spending to get your current results would be a factor too. In most cases we find the majority of businesses are spending regularly for online marketing but are merely treading water and they and can’t really quantify what return, if any, they are getting for their expenditure.

Not knowing whether your marketing campaign is effective or not, is essentially inviting eventual disaster. Thankfully, with Online Marketing, if it is done correctly, we are able to quantify our results. Actually, because of analytical data that’s accessible to us we are able to figure out very precisely what the results are from any specific portion of the marketing campaign that we initiate. This is a phenomenon that had never been previously available to this extent in the history of marketing. The bottom line is the fact that we can create distinct outcomes with as little as a few hundred bucks,.. as well as the fact that a few thousand dollars can produce comparative miracles for a local business compared with spending the exact same amount with standard mediums like radio, newspaper, TV, and publications (and sure.. even the YP phone book).

We prefer to work within the budget and parameters that our clients are at ease with, and  after they see the fantastic results that are achieved, they typically beg us to expand their campaign to get more customers. Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation to see what we might be able to do for you.

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