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As a business owner you are continuously seeking out ways to get an increased number of customers or clients. One of the best ways of doing this is by using an existing online resource that is accessible to you entirely free of charge that can ensure that prospective purchasers find your business ranked close to the top of their search results page whenever they are searching for particular local products or services.

You are able to place your business close to the top from the local search engine results pages even if your website is not highly ranked. Of course possessing a highly ranked website would truly be a very valuable additional asset. And how would you accomplish this? Simply by taking advantage of the free Google Places Listing that is provided by Google. The name of the listing was recently changed to Google Plus Local.

The first thing to do is to fill out the information for your business and to claim your listing in Google Places which is totally free to do. Having said that, even though it’s not a complicated job, if you want to have any chance of being listed in Google Places in the search results, it does require quite a bit of time and skill to perform, and that’s where having somebody experienced to give you a hand with your listing can truly help.

A Google Places Listing actually Is really a Web site … and also the greatest thing about that is that it is a website created by Google with all the essential optimization and style features and greatest of all It’s Free. Let me say that once more,.. Google have currently pre-built a very effective local listings website for you and all you have to do is fill in your information properly claim it at no cost! They want to give it to you for absolutely nothing!!

Great!,… What’s the catch and how can I get mine?,.. all you need to do is to log-in to your Google account and claim your Google Places listing. From there you have various options as to how you’d like to customize certain features of your Google Places website and how you’d like to showcase the goods or services that your business provides.

This isn’t extremely difficult to do but as with anything it does require a lot of time and also great knowledge and experience if it is to be cone correctly. You can (and ought to) also tie in your Google Places site together with your real website (if you have one. If not get one), your blog (if you have one) along with other Web2.0 properties of any kind such as a Youtube account (highly recommended), Ezine Articles, Twitter, Facebook etc (in the event you have them).

The more you are able to interconnect your Google Places website with your other online presence then the better you’ll DOMINATE the search engine results pages. In fact,… you’d probably be shocked at how few businesses in your region are actually doing any of this at all. Again,.. you could certainly claim your Google Places listing website yourself and even start to build it out and optimize it,- that is in the event you have the time and the skill, or you could hire someone that really knows how to obtain you the best result and manage your listing/site for you.

Now here’s something very special for you to consider!,… We at Gordon F. Roberts & Associates can do EVERYTHING for you personally and at an extremely affordable cost!
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