Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is usually defined as making your website, or other internet property, look as “attractive” and “relevant” as possible to the search engines for certain search words or phrases, called keywords, so that they will deliver your Internet content as one of the search results for those particular search words or phrases.

Of course, the more “attractive” or “relevant” your content appears to be, the higher it will appear in the search engine results for those search phrases.

This can be accomplished by using a number of different strategies, but a combination of several of these strategies is typically required for best results. These strategies can be divided into two distinct categories, “on-page SEO” and “off-page SEO”. Bear in mind that the search engines do not condone any of this activity as they prefer that you let the marketplace “vote” with their visitations, comments, shares, etc in order to determine your “attractiveness” and “relevance” for certain search terms and therefore your place in the search engine results.

“On-Page SEO” involves creating the content on your website, text, videos, images, etc, to be relevant to the specific search words or phrases that you want to be well ranked in the search engine for. This typically means making the titles to the site pages, videos, and images relevant to the targeted keywords, as well as making any text be about the targeted keywords or topics related to the targeted keywords. There are other measures that can also be taken, but those are the most common.

“Off Page SEO” involves enhancing the otherwise natural creation of links pointing back to your website from other topic-related websites, Face Book Likes and Shares of your website pages, and other social media commenting.  Again, bear in mind that the search engines do not want you to “enhance” any of these actions with your own measures, and they will penalize your search engine rank if they are able to discover that you are doing just that. If you choose to apply this strategy, it is vital that you know what you are doing, or hire someone who does know, so that everything looks completely “natural” and your risk of being penalized is diminished to almost zero.

Doing SEO takes time and a lot of work, but the end results can be very profitable for your business if it is done right. If you would like to have your web properties ranked high in the search engine results for local residents searching for the products or services you provide, just give us a call at 954-537-9480, 24 hours, or contact us via the “Contact Form” on this website or by our e-mail address, and we will arrange to have a no-obligation discussion of your particular situation.

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