Reputation Marketing

In today’s internet based society, that connects everyone with virtually
everything, the reputation of your business, although previously important, is 1000% more important today
. If your business has a bad reputation or even no reputation at all, it is certain to suffer grave financial losses, and may even eventually fail. READ MORE

Mobile Marketing

Is is an undeniable fact that mobile devices have become so commonplace
that most people on the planet have one
. Gone are the days when you could expect the majority of people looking to make a local purchase would be doing so on a desktop computer.

If you continue to ignore this phenomenon, you do so with a certainty that you will lose a huge amount of business that you may otherwise have gotten  READ MORE

Lead Generation Programs

Most companies trying to sell you on the idea of Internet Marketing will talk to you using jargon such as “seo”, “backlinks”, “opt-in pages”, “landing pages”, “squeeze pages”, and so forth, and to the average business owner it might as well be a foreign language.

The common thing that all business owners can relate to is simple lead generation programs, or customer/client acquisition programs. Mostly, these conventional style “programs” have typically involved time-honored advertising in mediums such as the “Yellow Pages”, Local Newspaper ads, Magazine ads, T.V., Radio, and so on, BUT there as a better way.  READ MORE

Website Creation & Design

Most website designers, because they don’t know any better, have convinced business owners that a “pretty”, “flashy”, or “unusually designed” website is what’s best for their business and will generate customers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you are a business owner who is making a killing from your website visitors, you are the exception. About 99% of businesses have what is called a “brochure” website, and they are not making a dime from this type of website. But there is a solution. READ MORE

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Natural Search Marketing generally promoted as Search Engine Marketing and frequently referred to as S.E.M. is a method by which Internet Entrepreneurs and companies can use commonly looked for keyword phrases to be able to position themselves in front of a ready-to-buy market.

If you know the actual key phrase or phrases that online purchasers are utilizing to look for the type of product or service that you provide, then you’re in a position to take advantage of this by making sure your online content and marketing is centered on being placed right in front of those ready-to-buy customers. READ MORE

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often mistaken with SEM, however they are distinctly different. SEO is really applied mainly to online pages, i.e. the pages inside your businesses website. Many people will talk about “on-site SEO” (optimization to your own web site) and “off-site SEO” (a technique involving the generation of backlinks and other factors and making online content material like articles, etc, and comments in forums etc.) ,- even though individually some actions may appear to fall in the SEM class. READ MORE

Social Media Marketing
With society so involved with social media and spending so much time interacting with all the various platforms, any business that does not target that vast audience is losing a huge amount of money. We take that difficult and time consuming task off of your hands and provide daily content relevant to your business niche that would be of interest to your local audience and so much more.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is the future of internet business and if you perform a little research you’d probably notice there is a massive increase in video viewing online and that the Search Engines are showing more and more videos in their search results.

So, in fact, there is really more than merely hype concerning it as there is compelling justification and studies for the euphoria. Large numbers of people are moving to web video for their critical information in these modern times, and the total number of typical daily hours that Online users are spending on web sites such as Youtube increases each and every week. READ MORE

Google Places Listing

As a business owner you are continuously seeking out methods to get more customers or clients. A means of doing this is by utilizing existing online resources that are available for you so that potential purchasers can easily find you when they are performing a local Google search.

By using a FREE Google Places listing, you can place yourself near the top of the search results when local residents are looking for your particular product or service, even if your website is not visible to them. READ MORE

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