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As a business owner with a website, you should definitely have a CMS website.
What is a CMS website? Well, a CMS Website (Content Management System) is a website that offers a content management system and allows the website owner to easily add their own text, images, data, etc to the site without having to understand how to use html, xhtml, javascript, etc., or hire a coder.

If you want the optimal CMS website, you need to be thinking about using WordPress CMS because no other CMS website system on the net can match WordPress in terms of raw viral Web2.0 power and inter-connectivity. It is very easy to use and it is a platform that is certainly highly favored by Google because of it’s fundamentally content rich and interactive nature!

This can be said with complete confidence because of the solid proven performance of the WordPress platform in the last nine years and the incredible number of websites and blogs that have been made out of WordPress. The truth is, a current report demonstrated that WordPress could be the platform of choice for millions of websites and a growing percentage of new websites created and hosted on the Internet. That’s an astounding record and it confirms the validity of the statements regarding its popularity that we mentioned above.

 SEO (search Engine Optimization) can be a built-in addition by simply loading freely available plug-ins (which are like small added “chunks” of “prepackaged” code that are as simple to add to your WordPress site as three clicks of your mouse. This means more search engine organic traffic aimed at your website when used constructively.

Here are some examples of demo sites we’ve created for various business niches.

Click on the images for a larger screen view.

Locksmith Site Lawn Services Site Dentist Site
Chiropractor Site Carpet Cleaners SIte Mover Site

The Web2.0 Online Community loves WordPress due to its inherent Web2.0 Inter-connectivity along with the interactive nature with the WordPress platform implies that WordPress sites usually rank favorably with the major search engines and can be quickly recognized as authority sites (determined by content) for this.

Mobile Browser Ready Websites:

As of around June 2011, the amount of sales of mobile cellular smartphones surpassed that of Desktop PC’s and Laptops. It is now an unmistakable and powerful fact that you will find much more people looking online using mobile devices than you will find using Desktop computer systems. This means that any business that has created a website that can only be seen on a Desktop PC is giving away an enormous share of their local buyers market. Google stated in May 2011 that there were 100 million Android telephone in use and that figure was expanding at the rate of 400,000 daily. That is a stunning figure!

Clearly,.. if you do not have a Mobile cellular enabled website then you are losing significant amounts of business!
The great (really,.. quite fantastic news) is the fact that our Powerhouse Local Business sites can be enabled to provide a fully compatible mobile presentation using your main web site pages and content material. With just a little fine-tuning and some expert skills, we are able to get you Mobile enabled almost immediately (no waiting around for days or weeks to finish) and you’ll be astonished how affordable we can make that Mobile site ready for you!

Here are some demo screen shots from a sample Mobile optimized website..
You can see that the layout and navigation are completely different than when viewed on a Desktop website. This will stop you from losing customers as 74% of Mobile device users say that would not recommend a business that did not have a Mobile optimized website.

Menu Screen Mobile About Mobile eBook Mobile Websites

Contact Us Today for a quote on getting us to produce a Customized WordPress Local Business Powerhouse website To Suit Your Needs!
Or a Mobile optimized version of your existing website if you already have a great regular website.


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